Who wants to invest at katembe beach area in Indonesia ,located in south east sulawesi at Buton Island.

These area its width about 165 hectars (included its the land).

What are you waiting for.....?

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one view of katembe beach
one view of katembe beach

Beside its the beach it's white sand and also its the land it's flat with arounded by hills.

When to invest no need more to level the land if you in your building of planning.

These location are personal owner that's evidenced with legal of documents by government authority.

These area are suitable exactly for center of tourism integrated include in planning likes to build hotel,cottage,sport center
,snorkeling,scuba diving,culinary center,
handicraft shop,outbound area,theatre building,center of art and culture building.

We offer to be leased for 30 years contract, who wants?
welcome and visit us....!!!

Some benefits when you invest here :  
checkmark The capital  is return so fast
checkmark No far away from Baubau down town, by speedboat it takes 30 minutes and by car it takes 45 minutes
checkmark It is suitable for center of tourism integrated
There is a widest fortress in the world at Baubau city.
checkmark Baubau city  became center of economic transit by east Indonesia, a lot of passenger ships are transit at Baubau port.
checkmark Festival of local culture shows every year


Yours faithfully :

La Ode Pria djaja & Partners.